The world’s number one in Everyday Footwear, we design, innovate, manufacture and sell more than 40 million pairs of shoes every year.

While change is a constant and innovation is a Clarks hallmark, we never lose sight of the values that have been central to our success since 1825 and that make us the business we are today. We believe in treating customers, partners and each other with integrity and respect. Our heritage inspires us to keep moving forward.

There is no other British brand in the current market that you can influence so much – nationally and internationally. We sell in over 80 countires. This is the greatest challenge, the greatest opportunity, in British fashion/footwear right now. With your help, Clarks will not just dominate, but define the market. 

Our history

1825 in the Somerset village of Street, and James Clark was working at the tannery owned by his brother, Cyrus. Among the sheepskin rugs, the off-cuts were piling up. James had an idea. A few stitches and a few years later, a sheepskin slipper and C&J Clark were born.

  • 1800
  • 1850
  • 1900
  • 1950
  • 2000


Using sheepskin off-cuts from their tannery, brothers James and Cyrus Clark start making a slipper they call the Brown Petersburg.


C&J Clark win two awards at the Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations, a showcase of modern industrial technology and design, organised by Prince Albert.


The Hygienic range is launched and features the first shoe to be specifically designed to fit the shape of the foot.


The first Clarks press advert features chorus girls wearing the Colorado sandal.


The Clarks innovators invent a foot gauge that accurately measures the length, width and depth of children’s foot.


The first Desert Boot goes on sale. Its crepe sole and clean lines make it an instant hit.


Inspired by a moccasin made by a company called Sioux, the Wallabee launches, originally called Grasshopper. Its success in North America is followed worldwide.


Polyveldt, a lightweight and flexible construction with a distinctive design, launches.


The first shop branded simply Clarks opens in Tooting, South London.


Westway Distribution Centre in Street opens. It can hold up to 6 million pairs of shoes at one time, and despatch 200,000 pairs per day.


A 1950s style, the Woodnote court shoe is pulled from the archives. Updated to create Bombay Light, it is a sell-out success.


Kids Fun Built In shoes come with a code that unlocks a downloadable app.


Somewhere in the world 105 pairs of Clarks shoes are sold every 60 seconds.


Clarks ambitious plans for the future are built upon the strong foundations of our brand, our heritage and our unrivalled expertise. They’re also built on strong current performance, as these key facts illustrate.

197 years of history
40 million pairs of shoes sold each year
10,000 distribution points
80 countries
1,150 stores worldwide
7,000 employees