"Clarks does a great job of promoting from within and really helping you figure out where you want to take your career."

I was first attracted to Clarks by the great things I heard about the environment, the people, what it means to be a part of the Clarks brand and the opportunity to grow personally. How could I pass that up?

The Clarks culture is impressive and unique. I overheard once that “a ‘bad day’ at Clarks is a good day anywhere else. I don’t take credit for that quote, but I truly believe it. I absolutely love the people here and have been fortunate to gain many great friends and develop lots of great business relationships over my first five years. Clarks is filled with caring, passionate, hard-working and determined individuals and has the opportunity to really excel as a global business, build brand awareness and separate itself as a leader within the footwear industry. Clarks employees are supportive, motivated, helpful and friendly and they learn and grow as we learn and grow as an organization.

When I worked in Customer Service, I learned how to manage various accounts and how to provide the best customer service possible to our consumers and sales representatives. Now I am in Human Resources where our group provides support and service to all departments across the business. We work with employees across the different offices within the Americas Region, as well as globally. It’s our job to share guidance, tools, support, and encouragement that will empower both individuals and teams with the ability to grow, develop, and share information.

In HR, I have led new hire orientation and now I’m the point person for all immigration matters in the Americas Region. I’m an SAP “super user” and I’ve taken personal leadership training classes. I’ve also partnered fellow HR team members and the Marketing department to completely revamp the new hire on-boarding experience. As part of this we designed welcome kits that we send out to our new full-time employees prior to their start date, not only with their offer information but also a snapshot of their first day, additional information on Clarks and even how to get around our neighbourhood.

As we continue to grow as an organization, HR’s involvement will be crucial. As our systems and ways of working evolve, we can help our employees by supplying tools and support along the way. The uniqueness of my position makes me quite visible and exposes me to many areas of the business, giving me the pleasure of working with a number of different teams globally.

Clarks does a great job of promoting from within and really helping you figure out where you want to take your career. We encourage employees to have open discussions with their managers to help them obtain their developmental goals. Some of the best advice I received was to “be a sponge” and soak in as much new information as possible. I would like to move forward with that mentality and try to learn something new every day, while striving to provide top-notch support to my colleagues. I want to help my team reach our collective goals so we can help the business while simultaneously reaching my individual goals and further developing as a professional.

Clarks offers an exceptional benefits package and our Benefits team is helpful and informative. Clarks also offers great shoe benefits too… I am going to need more storage just to hold them all pretty soon!

Outside of work, I make music, light-hearted Hip-hop and Pop mainly. I’ve even made music for Clarks, which was a great experience and a fun way to share our unity across the business and also with our consumers through social media. I never thought I would have the opportunity to combine the passion I have for music with the passion I have for hard work.

When I’m not making music, I am trying to think of new ways to promote my old music and build my own brand. In addition to all of that, I love working out and running. I look forward to coming in to work every day to laughter, new challenges, and opportunity.

Cory, HR Service Center Specialist - Newton (MA), US