"The freedom to share ideas is something that we all appreciate and benefit from."

Bringing our new Spanish eCommerce site online, on time and on budget, has been a thrilling challenge for me and my team.

I work in the European eCommerce department which manages five websites; France, Germany, Holland, Europe and Spain. It's a new sales channel for Clarks and one which has a great future. Along with the Content Editor, Ruben, my role is to merchandise for the Spanish and European sites.

eCommerce is my passion - I love the challenge of developing websites. That's what first really attracted me to Clarks. They were looking for someone to work on the new Spanish site. I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to be part of its launch and to grow this area of the business from the very beginning. I also had a friend who knew someone working at Clarks. She told me they loved it there and that I would too – and she was right!

At present, I'm involved in a challenging project where we are planning to launch a new platform, including websites, with improvements that will make trading much more interesting. I also plan to develop the Spanish website by improving performance and providing the best possible consumer experience.

I work with a wonderful team of people who are based here in Spain and in Somerset, in the UK. I learn from them every day, not only professionally but also culturally. As we are an international bunch, working together provides a great opportunity for us all to share our different backgrounds and experiences. Clarks is truly a global brand and it's great to be part of such a successful and innovative business.

Our department is made up of a wide range of people including content editors, visual merchandisers, webmasters, designers, IT and marketers and we all need to be coordinated and up to speed on everything that is happening on all five of our sites! We manage resources and prioritise workloads for each site, as well as the whole European eCommerce function.

Clarks is a great company to work for. People are accessible and very friendly and the freedom to share ideas is something that we all appreciate and benefit from. Your work is valued and your ideas encouraged. The management team care for you from a personal and professional perspective and will challenge or support you when needed. I'm really happy at Clarks and I'm confident about my exciting future in this global, growing and successful organisation.

Marta Abad, Spanish eCommerce Visual Merchandiser - Spain