"Our shoes have to embody the Clarks philosophy of style with comfort."

The first thing to say about our Womens division? We design Clarks shoes for customers the world over, from the UK and Europe, to the Middle East and the Far East. And that makes what we do incredibly exciting, challenging too.

Simply because one style doesn't necessarily fit all. We have to take into account an incredible range of factors, from price, to tastes, to how women in different countries use and wear our shoes. But whenever we're designing shoes, they have to embody the Clarks philosophy of style with comfort. That's why we work closely with all the other areas of the business to deliver best-in-class product ranges that meet the needs of the consumer.

The big challenge is to create four collections that sit together in store and can also sit alone in a key location anywhere in the world. And the design of the collection has to be unmistakably Clarks yet at the same time the four collections must have their own personality, appealing to different consumers. Shelf appeal is key. To help us to do this, we get in-depth insight and trend information from colleagues across the business. Each region will also tell us what they need from our collections. It could be a particular pricing point or the fact that consumers in their region really love a high heel. Our teams then work together to plan out what can be served up and what can't. It's about understanding what we can really go after.

As well as all the different teams which feed into our work, the facilities and resources you have here are outstanding. We've last modelists and sole modelling facilities, as well as CAD areas for realising sole and unit designs. And we've rapid prototyping too, so not only can you see your ideas in three dimensions, but you can actually hold them in your hands! We've also got the most incredible shoe archive. It's home to every Clarks shoe ever made and a unique source of inspiration.

Now, who makes up our team? Talented, ambitious and focused designers. Designers who have courage in their convictions. Designers who are passionate about what they do and believe in their own work. That's hugely important to us. We expect designers to sell their ideas here and you need to be able to back up your design choices with hard facts. And, more than anything, we love designers who want to see their shoes flying off shelves all over the world!

Sarah Chesham, Business Unit Manager, Womens