We’ve all seen a Clarks store on the high street or in the shopping centre. But they’re just the start of our impressive retail story. Our retail philosophy is simple: to take our products where our customers are. That’s why you’ll already find Clarks shops in over 75 countries around the world. And it’s why we’re constantly opening new stores in new countries. Now, to give you an idea of the size of our retail business, we’ll have more than 1,400 stores worldwide.

It takes a great team effort to make a Clarks store a success, whether it’s a store in a shopping centre or an outlet out-of-town. But retail isn’t just about selling shoes. It’s about providing a fantastic shopping experience. And that’s down to the people that work in store.

Whatever the type of store, it’s usually headed up by a Store Manager, with a team that includes an Assistant Manager, Team Leaders and Sales Team Members. Our Heads of Region and Area Managers are out and about supporting these teams.

Step in

Big, exciting things are happening here at Clarks. Join us in one of our stores and be part of them.

Heads of Regions

Driving the retail business, delivering impressive results. That’s the best way to sum up the role of a Head of Region. And it’s some job, in all sorts of different ways. It’s a job that calls for an inspirational way with people and impressive retail knowledge. It’s an exciting, everyday-is-different mix of operations and strategic thinking.

As a Head of Region, you’ll look after around 170 Clarks stores in a specific region. You’ll make sure that your stores are delivering outstanding retail experiences and maximising income and profit. You’ll set budgets and have full profit and loss responsibility for your stores. You’ll also lead, coach and manage a team of Area Managers, setting their individual objectives and inspiring them to constantly raise the retail bar. It’s also important that all stores are working to the same goal, in the same way. So you’ll work closely with colleagues at global headquarters in Street to make sure that each store has the operational support it needs.

What else can we do to exceed customer expectations? What else can we do to make their Clarks experience even better? One of the greatest skills a Head of Region needs is the ability to put themselves in a customer’s shoes. Being able to think like a consumer. And then being able to apply that thinking in-store.

Area Manager

What drives our Area Managers? Ask them and they’ll tell you that it’s having the best-performing stores in the country. But that doesn’t happen by accident. Great sales figures don’t fall into your lap. As an Area Manager, you’ll come up with an area business plan that’s in line with the Clarks retail strategy while being perfectly in tune with your stores’ needs.

It’s up to you to know every single thing that’s going on in your stores. The team, what support they need, the sales figures, the products that are flying off the shelves. In other words, everything that makes for a successful, high-performing store. On average, you’ll look after 20-25 stores in a given area, and you’ll spend a lot of your time in them. By working closely with Store Managers and their teams, by taking the time to listen to them, you’ll be able to help them make the store experience even better. Because, as you appreciate, better customer service means better sales.

You’ll be an inspiring mentor to your Store Managers, sharing best practice and helping them to be the best they can be – and achieve the best figures they can. You’ll pass on your expertise through coaching, training and development. Sometimes, it’ll be one-to-one sessions. Other times, you’ll get a number of managers together for a workshop. Really, it’s up to you to come up with the best way to get the most out of your Store Managers.

Store Manager

Enthusiastic and charismatic with shopping bags-full of brilliant retail ideas. That, in a sentence, is a Clarks Store Manager. You’ll lead, motivate and develop your store team, spurring every one of the team on to delivering unforgettable customer service and brilliant sales.

You’ll see everything - and we really do mean everything - through the eyes of our customers. So you’ll know exactly what needs to be done in your store. That could mean some on-the-spot training for the retail team or a visual merchandising refresh. Speaking of which, you’ll make sure that, at all times, your store looks and feels like a great place to shop - and an enjoyable place to work too.

As well as being at the forefront of your store, strong relations with several key departments in head office are essential. You’ll communicate effectively with departments such as marketing, merchandising and retail operations to maximise store performance.

A level head and a calm, focused manner are essential. And no matter how busy it gets, you’re always focused on getting the team to work hard, work together and smash sales targets. That’s the challenge. It’s the reward too.

Assistant Store Manager

Behind a great Store Manager you’ll find an equally impressive Assistant Store Manager. You’ll be important in making sure that, on a day-to-basis, the store runs like clockwork. That means organising the staff rota to make sure there’s the right amount of people working. Briefing the team every morning. Checking daily sales figures and seeing how they compare to other stores. You’ll take charge of the important logistical stuff too, like opening up, cashing up and, at the end of a busy, productive day, locking up.

As an Assistant Store Manager, you’re the go-to-person on the shop floor. Leading by example, you’ll help and encourage store colleagues to deliver great customer service and increase their sales figures. Of course, you’re also there for customers, impressing them with your brilliant product knowledge and first-class service. You’ll also think of new ways to boost sales or motivate the team. That’s a big part of your very important role. You’ll also step in for the Store Manager when they’re off or away from the store.

Team Leader

Our Team Leaders love nothing more than happy customers and ringing tills – that’s what makes them so important to the success of a Clarks store. In lots of ways, our Team Leaders are like other retailers’ department managers. You’ll have your own area to manage and look after, whether it’s womens, mens or kids. It’ll be your baby, as they say. You’ll make it your own, talking to customers and selling with confidence and enthusiasm, driving sales and smashing sales targets.

Your enthusiasm will be catching too. As well as making the store a lively place to shop and work, you’ll be a real inspiration to your Sales Team Members. You’ll help them to increase sales and provide every single customer with a helpful, enjoyable shopping experience.

Sales Team Member

The personal touch. Not overbearing, never pushy-salesy. Just friendly and helpful. That’s what makes retail here at Clarks different. As a Sales Team Member, you’ll make sure that every customer has a warm welcome and a great first impression of the store. Starting with a smile.

You’ll talk to customers and, when they need help, you’ll be only too happy to help and go that extra step in all that you do. You’ll get the shoes they want as well as offering alternatives, making sure growing feet are expertly fitted using the iPads, all of which ensures that the customer receives a truly personalised experiences. When the customer’s ready, you’ll take them up to the till. Friendly and professional and polite, from start to finish. That’s why customers enjoy shopping at Clarks - and it’s why they come back time after time.

You’ll also help to keep the store nice and tidy, and make sure that there’s plenty of stock on the sales racks, and that shoes are beautifully presented and displayed - all the little details that make a big difference to the store and our customers.

Clarks Stores

Our own retail network

These are the Clarks stores you find on the high street, and they’re central to our business. As well as the UK and the USA, we have stores in Europe too.

Along with our great product range and famous personal service in our stores, our customers can also buy Clarks shoes online from our UK and European websites. This offers access to our entire product range at a time that is convenient to our customers.

Locate a Clarks UK store

Outlet shopping

In this day and age, customers demand the very best value for money. So that's why we have outlet stores in the UK, USA and Europe. These tend to be out-of-town locations and offer customers a different range of products compared to our high street stores, some of which come with generous discounts.

For Clarks, it's about what's right for our customers. That's why, in some of our outlet stores, customers help themselves to the shoes on display. This way, we can keep costs down and offer our customers even better value for money. It's self-service shopping done the Clarks way.

Franchise stores

Whilst our Franchise stores look and feel exactly like a Clarks store, they are actually run by Franchise partners which are separate businesses to Clarks and they employ their own store teams. But that's the only noticeable difference. Our group marketing team supports these franchises by supplying them with the same signage, marketing and promotional materials that our owned stores would use.

We've found that franchise stores are a great way of combining our fantastic products and retail expertise with a partner's on-the-ground local knowledge. The result is even more delighted Clarks customers.


When we say wholesale, we mean selling through other retailers – and we work with thousands of them across the world. As well as smaller, independent shoe shops, we work with well-known and well-respected large retail chains.

Wholesale is a really important part of our retail business. It means that we can share our products with all sorts of different customers. We also supply to online only retailers and the worlds biggest shopping channel QVC.

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