April 26th is Wallabee Day!

The King of casual footwear – the Wallabee™. Featuring our 80s archival shoebox – over the years some things have changed, but the Wallabee™ always remains the same. Since 1968, the Wallabee™ has become a staple – from the football terraces of the UK to the streets of Shibuya, Tokyo. It is as at home in the dance halls of Jamaica as it is in the school halls of England. The Wallabee™ has adorned album covers of hip-hop royalty and Britpop legends – but no matter who wears it, this king of casual footwear is always a natural fit.

With its unprecedented foot-shaped toe, moccasin construction and spongy natural crepe sole, the Wallabee™, as with all Clarks shoes, was created with ultimate comfort in mind. But what has taken this shoe from its humble Somerset beginnings to its iconic status on the world stage are the communities that have adopted, adapted, and embraced the shoe.

The Wallabee™ is available via Clarks UK, US, EU and Japan, and worldwide at selected retailers. #ClarksOriginals #WallabeeDay

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