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Bringing style and comfort to the world.

The world at our feet

We bring style and comfort to the world. And this is driven by our global product teams – their flair for design, their commercial insight, and their eye for detail and quality. Inspired by a heritage built on innovation, they keep our brand – and our world – moving forward.

Clarks means different things to different people across the globe – from streetwear to contemporary styling and easy-to-wear comfort, premium products to more value-led offers. To stay on top of what customers want, our product teams constantly talk to each other. Learn from each other. And support each other. All to keep improving, adapting and pioneering, so Clarks stays one step ahead.

Current vacancies
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Our product teams


Product Development

Product Line Management


Quality Control


Our in-house teams design virtually all of all the shoes we sell. So, our Designers in the UK, US and China are the originators, adventurers and free-thinkers who bring our brand to life. Building on our record of ground-breaking innovation and our brand DNA, and adding a contemporary twist to capture the imagination of today’s consumers. It’s about inspiring and motivating each other. Understanding the changing needs of local and global consumers, and working with Product Managers and Merchandisers to develop designs that light up the worldwide markets. Most of all, it’s about fusing our heritage roots with individual flair to give everyone the freedom to move comfortably.

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Product Development

With a focus on product engineering, we’re the vital link between our Design teams, materials suppliers, and factories. It’s about understanding the design, construction and composition of our products. Having a keen eye for detail and communicating with different teams. Working with the Designers to understand their vision. Advising on how feasible and cost-effective each concept is. Protecting the fit and quality of our products every step of the way. Working with our factories to make sure our products come to market absolutely right first time. Because we know our products inside out.

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Product Line Management

We manage the whole product process from concept creation through to launch for individual categories such as women’s, men’s or kids’ shoes. So, we stay in touch with global consumers and how our products are performing. We work with the Design teams to spot the latest trends. And we brief new product developments and updates to move with consumer needs and make the most of market opportunities. Then we oversee the full product development process, to make sure we bring the product vision to life to time, cost and quality. It’s about a passion for product and the ability to spot a winning design, while keeping an eye on the bottom line and our results. All to ensure Clarks moves forward by creating new, exciting product lines that people around the world love.

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We’re the voice of the Clarks consumer to the whole business. So, it’s our job to know the global markets, consumers and channels inside out. Because, we guide the Product teams to deliver product ranges that wow our customers. We inspire the Marketing and Ecommerce teams to promote the brand in a way that grabs the attention of everyone we want to know about our products. And we support all our trading channels to deliver results. It’s about finding the sweet spot between brand, consumer, commerce and profit. And using our knowledge and insight to keep Clarks one step ahead on the global stage.

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Quality Control

Quality. Along with innovation, it’s what Clarks has always been famous for. So, our regional Quality Control teams across the globe are involved at every stage of the production process. Working hand-in-hand with the Product Development teams. Constantly communicating with our factories and suppliers. And monitoring every aspect of the product cycle, from the quality of materials and manufacture, to packaging. All to the highest international standards. In short, they protect the Clarks brand at every stage.

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Always innovating

Informed by the last two hundred years, and inspired by the next – at Clarks, we do things differently. From creating the world’s first foot-shaped shoe and breakthroughs in comfort technologies to cutting-edge cultural collaborations and taking strides in social change, we’re always pushing the boundaries to move boldly with the world ahead.

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The freedom
to move

Product is at the heart of everything that goes on at Clarks. Working with every other business team to create the best shoes on the planet. Sharing ideas and insights, building on our knowledge and constantly learning about the business, the industry and the global markets. Which makes us a great springboard for your future career. So, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to go further, from experiencing life in a different team or business area, to taking on a new project or more responsibility. Show us what you’re capable of and we’ll invest in your future all the way.

Investing in your development

We’re a global business that’s always on the move. Always growing, always adapting, always looking at new ways to do things. And we’re constantly on the lookout for people with the ambition, drive, and potential to grow, so if you’re prepared to put a lot in, you’ll get a lot out in return.

You’ll find experienced colleagues prepared to take you under their wing and share their expertise. Not to mention a full range of online learning courses through LearnerVerse, global training portal. In fact, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to boost your knowledge, if that’s what you want – in a different team, business area, or country.

What we can offer you
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Meet some of the team

To give you a real insight into what it’s like to work at Clarks, we thought we’d ask the people who know it best. The people who already work here. And in their own words.

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Director of Merchandising (Japan & Korea)

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VP Women’s Design