Working in supply
chain and logistics

Connecting everything and everyone together.

Bringing our
world together

Design teams in the UK and US. Materials from Australia, India, or Portugal. Factories across Asia and Europe. Retailers around the world. Our Supply Chain and Logistics teams connect everything together, to make sure our customers get the quality shoes they’re looking for, on time and where they need them.

We’re flexible, multi-skilled, global teams. Always talking to each other, and the rest of the business. Always keeping an eye on what’s selling – and what isn’t. And always full of fresh ideas to keep Clarks moving forward.

Current vacancies
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Supply Chain

Our work’s about far more than sourcing quality materials for our products. It’s about working with our suppliers and factory partners around the world. Working with our global sustainability teams to make sure those partners operate ethically and responsibly.

Working with our Product Development and Design teams to understand their specifications and fit. Working with factories, so they have the supplies they need. And working with our global order fulfilment teams, so we know how many pairs of shoes each market needs and when they need to be shipped. In short, it’s about seeing the whole picture, so we get everything in the right place at the right time.

This means things move and change incredibly quickly – and we need to stay ahead of them. So, it’s about always thinking on your feet, making your own decisions, and getting things done to stay one step ahead. Because, without us, there’d be no Clarks product.

Distribution Centres

Getting our shoes out to every global market at the right time. That’s what we do from our two Clarks Distribution Centres at Westway, Street in the UK and Hanover, PA in the US along with some third-party centres across the globe.

It’s about seeing the whole picture – from the factories sending us the products, to the Retail and Wholesale teams who are dealing with our customers. And it’s about pulling together, coming up with fresh ideas about how we can do things better, and being encouraged to put them out there. Because, in an online world where customers are looking to get their shoes delivered faster, it’s up to us to keep things moving.

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The freedom to move

Our global Supply Chain and Logistics teams are at the heart of the global business. We work closely with a wide range of Clarks business areas, as well as worldwide partners, on truly international projects. So, our teams are a fantastic launchpad for developing your career across our worldwide business.

This means there’s plenty of potential for you to move up into leadership, across into another team, or even to a different country. Together with all-round support and encouragement to build on your skills and knowledge, so you’re ready for whatever opportunities we can offer you.

Investing in your development

We’ll give you every chance to develop your skills and your career at Clarks. As a global business, we’ll encourage you to visit teams in different countries to share your knowledge and learn from them. And we’ll make sure you have all the job-related training you need, such as health and safety in our Distribution Centres, or costing in our Sourcing teams. Not to mention personal skills such as communicating and critical thinking.

You’ll also find specific programmes to help you build your career. Including UK apprenticeships and US college programs for people in our Distribution Centres. So, whatever your role, you’ll have the chance to boost your skills at any time that suits you.

What we can offer you
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Meet some of the team

To give you a real insight into what it’s like to work at Clarks, we thought we’d ask the people who know it best. The people who already work here. And in their own words.

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Director of Lean Operations