A global organisation, strengthened by our differences.

A fair

Clarks is built on strong community values. And today, we’re a truly global organisation, strengthened by our differences. We are striving to be an inclusive international business, where everyone values alternative perspectives, welcomes diverse opinions, and feels free to be themselves. Where we’re all equally empowered to contribute to our success – because we’re encouraged and supported to achieve our full potential.

But we don’t just look after our own people. Staying true to our Clark family roots, we support and protect the communities where we live and work, too – investing in their futures, so we can all move forward together.

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The importance
of diversity

We're change-makers – always have been, always will be. And we're fiercely committed to improving equality, diversity, and inclusivity, by championing a business that truly reflects the communities we work in and serve. From mentoring and empowering people from under-represented communities to inclusivity leadership training, we’re breaking down barriers. And by celebrating our differences, we’re opening up opportunities to everyone. Because we believe sharing different ideas, behaviours and values creates positive experiences for all our people. And keeps us all one step ahead.

resource groups

Our women, race and ethnicity, and LGBTQ+ employee resource groups bring together people who are passionate about supporting diverse communities at Clarks. From running regular meetings, developing communications, and organising events, to sharing experiences and championing learning, they’re committed to fostering respect, equality, and inclusivity across the business.

Each group is sponsored by a member of the global leadership team. This means they have a voice at the very highest levels, enabling them to highlight relevant issues, and influence future strategy by sharing their ideas on how we can improve their experience. In addition to these groups we also hold regular Listening Sessions with the CEO and Global Town Halls, encouraging our colleagues to share their thoughts directly with senior leaders. All to help us to continue making progress.

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at Clarks

Look around our business and you’ll find plenty of female role models in senior roles. But we’re open about the fact that we’d like to see even more women at the highest levels of our organisation. So, join us and you’ll find we’re committed to empowering women at every level. From senior women mentoring female colleagues across the business, to the work our women’s employee resource group is doing around menopause support. From looking at the language we use in our recruitment communications, to offering more flexible working hours. We’re looking at a variety of initiatives to ensure women at Clarks have every opportunity to build the career they want.

Your wellbeing
at heart

At Clarks we are committed to provide physically and psychologically healthy and safe places to work. This commitment applies to all elements of the business and to all countries within which we operate. We strive to create a productive workplace where everyone has an equal chance to succeed at all levels and recognise that a positive approach to wellbeing can be an enabler of business success.

It is so important that we have a strategy in place that focuses on health, safety and wellbeing. As a result, a number of wellbeing initiatives have been rolled out including employee assistance programmes, benefits that support health and wellbeing, opportunities for training and support for mental health, stress management, CPR, first aid and health surveillance depending on role and area of the business. As people’s personal and professional needs changes, we too will adapt our approach in order to maintain a positive experience in the workplace.

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