Clarks and Potent Reach Foundation

We are proud to have recently partnered with Ghanaian-American, LA-based Creative Director Kwabena Asante “K.O.” to donate pairs of Wallabees™ and contribute towards school supplies for the students of King Rich Academy in Ghana through the Potent Reach Foundation. The Reach Project is a Philanthropic foundation with a creative edge rooted in K.O.'s Ghanaian Heritage with intentions of improving the lives of others across the globe.

As a nod to Ghana’s rich history, K.O. designed a golden fob for each pair to symbolize how prior to Ghana’s independence the country was referred to as the Gold Coast and or “El Mina”, meaning the mine, due to the large supply of Gold found in land. Each fob also features the “Sankofa” Symbol. In Ghanaian culture, there is an age-old proverb the community stands on and it is called ‘Sankofa’ which means to reach back and get it — for us this means to reach back to our roots and support where we can.

Clarks is built on strong community values. Staying true to our Clark family roots, we support and protect the communities where we live and work, too – investing in their futures, so we can all move forward together.

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