Sunset: A Clarks and Manchester Film

Today, we launch the latest installment of our “Clarks and …” video series, which explores the various global subcultures that have adopted our almost 200-year-old brand, with the release of Sunset: A Clarks and Manchester Film.

This campaign celebrates the legacy of the underground rave scene of Manchester of the the 90s and dives into the relevance of Clarks in this influential subculture. The campaign centers around the Sunset film which serves as “A Love Letter to the Rave” and an uplifting tribute to the heady nights of the nineties.

During this game-changing era, rave music met with a fresh wave of indie bands and bedroom producers to evoke a powerful new spirit of freedom across the country. Underground raves and super clubs like the Hacienda, inspired a worldwide dance movement, and Clarks can proudly say its shoes were often the footwear of choice for this free-thinking generation that loved to dance the night away.

The campaign film, shot by director, Glenn Kitson, is a fitting tribute to the era when a great night out with friends could lead to endless possibilities. Take in the cars, fashion, club heroes, the Wallabee shoes that showed off those legendary dance moves, and the spirit of a new generation that still believes in the right to party.

Regarding the campaign, Glenn Kitson says: “I’ve always worn Clarks, Wallabees in particular. They’re a staple of mine. The brand has genuine authenticity in so many communities and cultures, and for this project we wanted to explore rave culture, especially up North. It was important to join the dots between the past and the present and to show how echoes of the past are just as relevant with the youth of today.

Featured throughout the campaign, you will see an assortment of our iconic Clarks originals styles as well as products from our SS24 collection inspired by the spirit of the rave, including our brand new Yin-Yang collection, released just in time for summer.

This campaign is an ode to the rave culture that is now embedded in the soul of the city and still enjoyed all over the world. Inspired by Manchester then, ready for the party now.


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